Sonotherapy is a method based on the use of sounds and vibrations for therapeutic purposes.It is both ancestral and modern, based on the following principles:

In number of his religious and spiritual traditions, the human being considers the sound as sacred. The vibration, the word and music are at the origin of the creation of the Universe and define its structure. The traditional caring techniques give a big importance to the influence of the sound. Over the ages, spiritual masters, shamans and healers have imbued their rituals with music and songs.

Nowadays, the quantum physics theories tell us that everythng is vibration. Everything is subject to rythms or cycles and can be characterized by a wave or a set of waves.

The whole of a being is vibration. It is a sum of vibrations. All its atoms,molecules, cells and organs that compose it, vibrate. The heart beats, the brain emits waves, signals travel the nerves, cells communicate with each other, and so on. It is a set of waves and vibrations creating a symphony and vibratory identity specific to each being.

The human body is between 60 and 80% water. The discoveries and researches of Dr. Masaru Emoto and Professor Luc Montagnier show us that water has a memory and that it can be informed by waves.

Thoughts, emotions and sensations are closely linked to body cycles and rythms. Subjected to stress or strong feelings, the body tenses, heartbeat accelerates, etc. Tensions and blockings are created, dissonances appear. In the water contained in our cells, come to store all the good or bad memories related to the experiences that we have lived. Negative memory disrupts the balance and harmony of our vibratory state.

Neuroscientific studies have demonstrated the positive impact of meditation practice and the influence of sound and music on the brain and neural circuits.

The study of the cymatic has highlighted the influence of vibration on matter.

The current medicine already uses vibrations to etablish diagnotic with ultrasound for example but also to heal by using ultrasounds in many processes as to to dissolve stones or to destroy diseased tissue (cancer).

The science of therapeutic vibrations still surprises us and some already call it the medicine of the future.
Personally, I consider sound therapy as a millennial tradition, a therapeutic technique, a science and an art. 


It is above all a method of relaxation. During a session of sonotherapy, the sounds and vibrations produced by different instruments such as singing bowls and tuning forks, will gradually lower the brain waves and will penetrate the body of the recipient. The tissues, nerves, tendons, and bones are stimulated. The vibrations propagate and provide a deep massage to the heart of the cells, resulting in deep relaxation and a feeling of well-being. The tensions and blockages relax. The energy flows. The harmony and the vibratory equilibrium of the being are restored. 

You will find below a summary of the effects of a session:


relaxation of the stress, the tensions and the physical, mental and emotional
blockings of the everyday life

harmonization between body and spirit

balancing the energetic centers of the physical body and the subtle bodies
(energetic field that envelops the physical body)

pain relief

relaxation of muscles and tissues

relief of depressive states and anxiety

decreased nervous system disorders

improvement of sleep phases

improved circulation of body fluids

balancing body cycles (digestion, breathing, etc.)

reduction of tinnitus

contribution to the awakening of the Being, personal development, meditation
and self-healing

Legal reminder

From a legal point of view, in France, sonotherapy is classified in unconventional care practices. It is therefore important to specify that in no way is sonotherapy intended to prescribe, diagnose or replace treatment given by a competent medical authority. In no case, a session of sound therapy is intended to replace or replace any other consultation process in psychology, psychotherapy or medicine.
In case of doubt, serious illness and / or serious injury, please consult your doctor.